Hugo Lee is an award-winning saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist based in Melbourne, Australia.

“A passionate saxophonist and innovative musician…an inspired songwriter and music producer” – Andrew Farriss (INXS)

“…a fresh feel to match an experimental vibe with pop sensibilities and strong jazz overtones.” – BMA Magazine

“…begins subtly and smolders, then evokes emotion as it tastefully catches fire.” (Mama Sims, Chicago)

“…a beautiful balance of big and impressive sounds, married with soft and humble tones…a roller-coaster sound experience.” – Woroni Newspaper

Hugo Lee’s latest album Confluence is out now!

Featuring an eclectic mixture of styles and musicians, this is a not-to-be-missed listening.
Created with the mentoring help of Australian music legend Andrew Farriss – the mastermind behind the music of INXS – Confluence is available on iTunes or you can get in touch for a beautiful physical copy.