Hugo Lee’s new CLOUD ACTION is out now on all major digital platforms.

2015 album Confluence displays a broad spectrum of musical styles, some of which are outlined below:

Track 1 – “Confluence”:¬†Featuring the smooth vocals of Rose Costi, this funky title track has strong grooves and powerful horns.

Track 4 – “Damage Control”: This instrumental track features the saxophone and is an example of Lee’s fusion-based compositions.

Track 9 – “Ripples”: Another instrumental tune, this delves further into psychedelic experimentation, with World-Music inspired ideas and sounds.

Guest appearance on a track by Chicago-based producer Noah Sims:

Compilation Reel of some of Lee’s contemporary Saxophone session work. Featuring music by Hugo Lee, Banks The Genius, Papa Pilko and the Binrats, Fabu and Slow Turismo.